Being Authentic

Authentic. It has become quite a buzz word. Everyone wants it and everyone wants to be it.

But how does it become more than just a catch phrase – how does it become real, or “authentic,” if you will.

At Cohere, we’ve built our business around authentic relationships. To us, it has never been a buzzword or catch phrase. It’s a way of life. It’s a way to live.

Authenticity is built into our mission: We create places and cultivate relationships that inspire people to find purpose, live authentically, and thrive together. And our mission permeates everything we do.

The approach we take:

Our proprietary, best-in-class Community Building Model enriches the lives of residents and creates communities of substance where civic engagement is valued, volunteerism is celebrated, and community leaders are cultivated with intention.

Authentic relationships are one of three essential elements guiding our work. Because we know that strong social bonds are core to strong communities.

The people we hire:

When it’s time to add a new person to our team, we look for someone who is true to themselves. Someone who shares our values of building and strengthening relationships and bringing people together to form a strong community. Someone who is intentional about partnership because we know we are better together.

To be a member of the Cohere family is to believe that strong ties are important in expanding trust and improving well-being.

The partners we choose:

Part of what sets Cohere apart is that we recognize the importance of partnership. Our work is important and challenging. To be successful, we need to set and meet expectations together with our clients, so we all know where we are headed.

At Cohere, we work with partners who share our belief in the power of community and our commitment to developing a cohesive place that grows in real estate value.

When you’re amongst others who listen, put value in relationships, and are comfortable being curious together, it’s not too hard to be authentic. At Cohere, we value these traits – in our employees, partners and communities – and we believe they provide the clearest road map to thriving together.