Cohere Announces 2021 Community Lifer of the Year Nominees

This peer-to-peer recognition is incredibly meaningful and is one of those rare instances where being nominated is just (almost) as big a deal as winning. Let’s hear it for the nominees.

Committed, professional, reliable, intelligent, and an all-around fantastic team player. Our first nominee has been a coach and mentor to many, and he supports the success of everyone. Not one to look for praise and always guided by what’s best for the community, Jesse St. Clair was a no-brainer nomination.

Our second nominee is described as an MVP – someone who cares deeply, keeps everyone on track, exemplifies loyalty, compassion, fairness, authenticity, and dedication, just to name a few qualities. Counselor, friend, advocate, defender, and champion – Lisa Bradley has provided a steady hand during challenging times and has jumped in to cover when personal crises have occurred.

Our third nominee was fairly new to our team, having recently stepped into one of the more challenging roles in community management. This person is credited with turning situations that are often contentious into pleasant exchanges, handled both efficiently and with high attention to detail. Chris Sandoval has become the go-to guy for all kinds of assistance, both professional and personal and keeps everyone in great spirits, thanks to his sense of humor.

Our fourth nominee is referred to by many as the hardest working individual in the company. Attentive, dependable, and three steps ahead are just a few of their characteristics. A great teacher, this person ensures that those around her understand the why behind the what, and she never seems to drop any of the balls that she’s juggling. Patsy Fawcett runs a tight ship, and our accounting team would be sunk without her.

Our fifth nominee is someone we all admire because of how they show up in the world and their ability to connect with residents. Their above and beyond approach to their work cannot be adequately captured in their job description because their work bleeds over. On many occasions Riley Zavala has ensured that other team members were aware of residents’ personal hardships so a touchpoint could be made. The verdict is in, the world could all use more Riley’s.

And of course, we know that Riley and Izzy come as a matching pair of enthusiasm and talent. They’re always willing to learn new things and take on extra tasks no matter how mundane or mind-numbing. They’ve assisted with website launches, developed forms, written blogs and helped with our brand launch, all while responding to over 12,000 customer care inquiries. Our sixth nominee is 2/2 of the dynamic duo, Izzy Reed.

Our seventh nominee is helpful, capable, courteous, eager to learn, and lucky for us, has found a home with our company. When an injury sidelined a coworker, this person stepped up in a big way and received numerous compliments for his above and beyond efforts from both residents and colleagues. Andy Pina is as top-notch as they get.

Our eighth nominee is a teammate to many and someone who approaches every assignment with great care. From the perspective of a resident, is always there with fresh ideas and a willingness to help. This person jumped in to complete two major website launches, even tackling content for a community she wasn’t familiar with. That’s why Jen McSweeney is the embodiment of a team player.

Our ninth nominee is an important part in the success of our team daily. Even though their interactions are predominantly over the phone, they take the time to connect with residents on a personal level. Pleasant and professional, Jennifer Wressell always keeps us on track.

Our tenth nominee is known for their depth of knowledge in all things community life and is relied upon by many for advice and guidance. A skillful relationship manager, this person provides a great sounding board for unpacking difficult issues and solving problems in real time. Her energy and spirit are contagious, Kat Prusinski is an invaluable asset to our team.

Our eleventh nominee is known for their great attitude, perpetual smile, willingness to help without question and without being asked. He’s an essential team player and even volunteers his time to take care of the community mascot. Ramiro A. Lopez uses every day to go above and beyond.

Our twelfth and final nominee is someone who managed 2021 with grace, grit and commitment to excellence. Genuinely enthusiastic and caring, they feel a deep responsibility in creating meaningful experiences for residents. Despite having a full to overflowing plate, she can always be relied on to give help and support to her entire team. She has a heart of gold and if you’re lucky enough to be sitting by Stephanie Madden when someone cracks a joke, you will be totally infected by her laugh.