Cohere Comes Into Its Own

As we embarked on our 5th year of bringing the life-changing power of community to the world, we thought it was the right time to reflect on our journey and consider new ways to define ourselves.

Our company started as DMB Community Life, a nod to our origins within the iconic real estate development company DMB Associates. While we honor and celebrate these roots and our mentors within the DMB family, we also recognize that we have laid a foundation for something new and exciting. We had come into our own.

The next step in our evolution: a company rebrand.

We didn’t take this decision – and the subsequent rebranding process – lightly. It took time and a lot of honest introspection to lean into a new identity reflective of who we have become and where we are headed.

To start, we engaged Javelina, a well-respected Arizona agency who shared our belief in the importance of partnership to help guide our effort. We spent more than two years engaging with our team, partners, and residents to explore and articulate who we truly are as a company, what we represent, and how we do what we do. It wasn’t always easy (and not everyone on the team shared the same viewpoints), but we came out with a clear brand that truly reflects our purpose and our uniqueness.

Cohere = Co (together) + here (placemaking)

We landed on a new company name: Cohere. At the heart of our company is our intention to bring people together, to lead with connection and relationship. Cohere reflects that: “co,” meaning something that is ours together, and “here,” representing placemaking.

It’s the perfect integration of people and place, operations and engagement, business and fun. It’s an accurate reflection of the confidence we have in our distinct approach to community design and management.

We created a new tagline, “Thrive Together,” which encapsulates our culture of working together – with staff, key partners, and community residents – to make our communities and relationships flourish.

We also have an updated logo, new color palette, and refreshed purpose and mission.

As we begin this new chapter as Cohere, we are stronger than ever. Our values remain the same, our unique culture isn’t changing, and our commitment to people and place is steadfast. Our “special sauce” remains. Our new brand provides the perfect opportunity to demonstrate our strength and stability while showcasing our unique value. It lets us tell our story in a more meaningful and authentic way.

We’re ready to bring the life changing power of community to the world.