Happy Hiking Trails, Karen Klein

Karen Klein was one of Cohere’s first hires outside of Arizona, helping us establish our company as a diversified multi-state company.

In those early start-up days, Karen did it all. Like so many before her, she accepted her assignment knowing that she would be a solo act and need to figure things out on the fly. And she did.

Grounded in her belief that community is a place where all members feel welcomed and included, Karen managed our relationship with our partners at McWhinney, held down the fort at Hilltop Club, built and trained a team to support our growing operation, and carried the torch for our values and community building philosophy.

In so many ways, Karen laid the foundation for our success and we are eternally grateful. Most recently she served as Executive Director for our Colorado communities – The Lakes at Centerra, Centerra, Kinson Centerra and Baseline.

Says Karen about her time at Cohere: She most appreciated the people. Starting at the top with a senior management team that puts people first, cares for the wellbeing of the team, and understands the work well enough to support when we need to hit a reset button after a big event, board meeting, or presentation.

And she’s most proud of the cohesive team she built in Colorado, in spite of disparate locations and limited opportunities to come together. We are proud too. And grateful.

We wish Karen the very best as she starts a new life chapter. We know that it includes some trail biking and mountain camping with her husband Brad and their 5-year-old corgi, George, and of course watching the Broncos.