Purposeful Stuff: Sharing what impacts, teaches & delights

If our team and our partners dig it, maybe others would too.

So here it is. The first installment of Purposeful Stuff where we’ll share things that impact, teach, and delight. We’ll curate this purposeful stuff six nuggets at a time, in no particular order, and deliver it irregularly.

Why six? We have six pillars in our Manifesto. The number six doesn’t feel like an over- or under-whelming number to produce or to digest. Right now, the number 6 feels “right sized” for us, as does our commitment to an irregular delivery.


Simon Sinek has long been a favorite teacher to our team. We love his TedTalk: How Great Leaders Inspire Action. And now he has a new book that Suzanne has turned us onto: The Infinite Game, grounded in the belief that a significant part of feeling value beyond our compensation is working on something bigger than ourselves. It’s a Just Cause – our why based on our past and projected into our future.


In this time of physical distancing, hugging may not be the answer to connection. But seeing someone you love, really seeing them is always the answer. Hugging You reminds us of the importance in bridging the space between with those we love so they feel seen, heard, and valued. With or without hugs.


We are lucky to call the founders of Holstee, Mike and Davd Radparvar, dear friends. These kindred spirits share weekly Reflections by email to help each of us live more fully and meaningful lives. I have been known to sigh loudly (right, Suzanne!) in both relief and affirmation when a weekly them speaks to me. This one did it: Fear. “Fear is not real…it’s a choice.”


Many of the communities we manage have installed Little Free Libraries as fun and creative way to bring people together. It got us thinking: what if we went more or bigger? Say Cards of Care filled with words of encouragement, thoughtful quotes, and meaningful verses? Or how about a super-sized library painted by our residents in our communities and reflecting the books they love most?


Dancing. It brings people together. This oldie but goodie from 2008 of Matt dancing around the world still warms our heart. And it makes us want to get up and move.


We are big fans of creating moments that matter. Small gifts that surprise and delight feel like the perfect way to deliver on that. We adore Greetabl and Confetti Post for unique and fun ways to honoring work anniversaries, birthdays and other important milestones for our team members and partners.