What Sets Cohere Apart in Community Association Management

“Homeowners Association,” “HOA,” “Community Association.” These are all terms commonly used to describe an industry devoted to community management. Cohere is indeed a provider of community association management services; however, when it comes to defining our value, these terms fall short.

We like to say that community management is a strategy – not an aspiration.

Community is about people

Our approach is unique and so are our outcomes. Too often companies in our industry approach this work from a rigid, transactional mindset. Truth is, community and community management should be about people. That’s why our work is intentionally grounded in building connection with people.

We define our work as holistic community design, challenging the industry standard.


Cohere is an innovator. We provide market leading community association management and developer services that emphasize intention and drive toward enrichment. We place equal emphasis on people and place, physical and social, operations and engagement. Our expertise is both deep and wide.


Cohere works in partnership.  We know that when communities are built and cared for with the experience of residents in mind, trust expands, happiness increases, and lives are made better. Relationships open the door for collaboration. When residents are at the table as an equal contributor, the idea of community takes on a whole new meaning. It’s more purposeful and grows in value over time.

Real Estate Roots

Cohere has rich real estate roots. Our company is proud of our origin story that began in 1997 as part of the iconic real estate development company, DMB Associates. We collaborated with some of the best in the business, pioneering our “special sauce” and perfecting our Community Life ModelTM.

Cohere believes that community – true community – has the power to change lives. We are on a mission to the bring that life-changing power to the world one community at a time.