A Fond Farewell: Kat Prusinski

She’s as pretty as a peach, as sweet as pecan pie, and one of the savviest community builders we are lucky to know. Throughout her six-year tenure, Kathryn Prusinski has worn many leadership hats, making positive impacts on the people and places that she’s served.

This Southern charmer has helped to create meaningful opportunities for resident engagement, provided keen oversight, and fostered the Cohere mission, vision and values.

Her passion for community shows in everything she does. Verrado residents, partners, and Community Life team members have all benefitted tremendously from her dedication to our work and our values, resulting in a legacy that will live on. To put it directly, her impact runs deep on the people and places she’s served.

We wish Kat a fond farewell as she embarks on a new journey. And we’re sharing special sentiments from several of her biggest fans. There are a few common themes, among the most profound is that Kat is genuinely appreciated, will be deeply missed, and she’s funny as all get out.


Well, We Declare


My greatest memories with Kat all involve laughter. Loads and loads of laughter. And of course, many references to navigating tough times with the grace of Southern charm. Kat and I have collaborated through many challenges and throughout, we have learned, grown, and always had a little fun. Kat is all energy and passion – she does everything 100% and then some. And what she won’t do for some good Christmas décor – travel to Vegas…rent a trailer…take 3 trips…she is committed. She is also smart as a whip, kind, strategic, thoughtful. I hope she keeps sending me inspirational quotes and book recommendations just when I need them most. Thank you, Kat, for your partnership and commitment. You have helped me and our company be better…and of course helped shape some important foundations to Cohere’s unique approach.


Gus Brown:

Kat has upheld Cohere’s values in so many ways. I appreciate how Kat has always been willing to help me problem-solve and work through my reservations. She’s great at quarterbacking conversations, helping me find my way to solutions in just a mere two-minute conversation.

I’ve also always appreciated Kat’s creativity and her ability to pull the community into our process and plans to make programs memorable and purposeful. She has a great skill in connecting the dots, for example, linking non-profits and partners to enhance our work.

I always knew I could count on Kat and trusted her to follow through no matter how busy her schedule. And last, but certainly not least, Kat’s has an incredible sense of humor. Kat always shows up with a positive spirit and laughter. Now that’s a legacy.



I am so going to miss Kat’s amazing sense of humor and her delightful (sometimes wicked) Southern charm. She remembers the little things, creating magical moments. I’ll never forget the time she showed up on my doorstep right when COVID hit to deliver my favorite pie — she knows how much I love rhubarb. And once she ‘birthday bombed’ Barefoot’s front yard in the dark of night so she woke up to birthday decorations to celebrate the day.



Kat is the greatest example of what it is to be a good neighbor, host and leader. She leads by example, listens to those who come with concerns and always chooses to find joy in the things that might otherwise fluster the rest of us. Kat is bold, bright and beyond brave. She’s taught me what it means to be a part of a community that cares, values and appreciates its members. I’ll be heading off into the mission field soon, and Kat has continued to encourage and support me in my decision, which says a lot about who she is. Kat genuinely cares and I am forever grateful for you, Kat.



As I ponder how to say farewell to a woman who lives the Cohere way each and every day, all I can hear is Kat’s voice in my head telling me to get on with it. Kat, you have enthusiastically led us through the hills and hollers of building community. It’s been fun. Don’t be a stranger.


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