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Magic happens when communities are designed with the resident experience in mind. Placemaking with a purpose builds lasting value and enriches lives. 

Jasper is an idyllic master-planned, clean energy community set against the striking Northern Arizona landscape. There are open spaces with incredible views, starry night skies, and plenty of fresh air. It’s a place where residents of all ages and stages can live, work, play, and thrive. 

Our Cohere team knows community happens where people gather, so as Jasper’s developers designed the community’s signature amenity, the J Club, our team was brought in to provide input on how to best plan the space before the shovels event hit the dirt.  

“We know how people can connect and we understand the design process. If you want a really engaged community you have to grasp how these two support one another,” says Kathryn Prusinski, Cohere executive director. 

For perspective, the J Club is planned to be an $18 million, 15,000 square foot amenity that will bring a high-end club opportunity to Jasper residents. There’s no doubt the place will be exceptional, and we want the experiences that happen there to be just as memorable. That’s why our team brings the people point of view to the planning table.  

While we’ve worked alongside developers for years and know the nuances of the design process, timelines, and budgets, we also recognize that for long-term success, the design elements should inspire people to live authentically and form intentional connections that build lifelong relationships. Re

sidents who love where they live like to shout it from the rooftops, and often get their family and friends to buy in. This word-of-mouth marketing not only reduces the cost of acquisition, but it also boosts property values and brings our developer partners a bigger return on their investments. 

Our team considers all avenues of engagement, from what visitors first see when they enter the clubhouse to the best spot for the pool equipment to the ideal layout for live music. We looked at how the J Club could have year-round activation for trail runners and pool loungers alike. Rather than simply a space that residents may use from time to time, let’s have it be a welcome center for prospective homebuyers, a place of pride for current residents to gather, unwind, and have some fun as an extension of their home. And let’s add a food and beverage element that serves as a space for socialization as well as a source of revenue.  

“A lot of our work was around helping the development team envision not only how the building would operate, but how it would live and breathe and flow,” says Chadwick W. Reed, Cohere chief operating officer.  

With the food and beverage feature open to the local community, the amenity will have a private/public combo which adds an extra level of forward thinking. We know how to approach this type of mixed-use amenity because we’ve effectively managed it before with The Victory Club in the community of Verrado where there’s an exclusive club component alongside a public-friendly restaurant, spa, and golf course. Our team gave the developer a play-by-play of what that set up should look like and how it can be successful. We also drafted a sound financial model incorporating the ebb and flow of club membership funding and we set the stage for residents to jive with the benefits of a private/public model. 

When finished, the J Club will bring two pools, generous decks, a coffee shop and bar, and a multipurpose room for events and interest-group gatherings. Plus, a fitness room, yoga lawn, pickleball courts, and a dog park to help residents (and their four-legged friends) stay active. It’ll also include a community outdoor kitchen, barbecue areas, and an entertainment patio perfect for that live music and entraining. 

“In collaboration with the developers we were able to design a building that encourages engagement, so it’s not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functions well,” says Kathryn. “We help bring the developer’s vision to life even before the first homebuyer moves in.”

And our work won’t stop there. As the J Club comes online, we’re transitioning from the role of consultant to community manager.  We’ll facilitate design review meetings, answer compliance questions, and manage budgets. We’ll also keep neighbors in the loop on all amenity-related happenings as we operate and activate the stunning amenity that’s been designed to be a point of pride and beloved gathering space for years to come. 

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Great places don’t happen by accident.  Great places are the result of a thoughtful vision that is cared for and nurtured as the community matures.  Based on a long history of design excellence and a deep understanding of how communities evolve, Cohere is committed to preserving and enhancing the built environment of the communities it manages with the objective that each community gets better with time.

JT Elbracht

Architect, Elbracht+Company, LCC


Rarely do you meet a collaborator who shares the dream and then turns it into a reality. The Cohere Team does just that. From the early discovery of “localness” of place to the universals of enlightened community management, the Cohere team listens, explores, questions, and creates.

Sandra Kulli

Owner, Kulli Marketing


Cohere has been a great partner in the management of our associations at McWhinney. While they are more than adept at traditional association management, the secret sauce lies in their unique ability to promote community engagement through creative events and programming.

Kyle Harris

Vice President, Community Development; Baseline General Manage, McWhinney


When executed well, a strong sense of Community is a significant competitive advantage in the master planned community business.  But, when executed with thoughtful planning followed by intentional action, a sense of Community is the legacy of great development.

Brad Chelton

President, Texas I Land & Housing Development, Brookfield Properties Development


The Cohere team are master creators and connectors of people, places and everlasting memories that transform real estate to the forever fabric of our lives.

Denise Resnik

Founder, President & CEO, First Place AZ; CEO, DRA Collective


Cohere's unique approach to community building created a vibe and energy that attracted homebuyers and was well received by residents. They cemented Eastmark amongst the top best-selling and best-living communities in the nation. Given Cohere’s success with Eastmark, we have engaged at two of our new master planned communities to provide the community building. We really appreciate and value what Cohere brings to our projects.

Dea McDonald

SVP & GM, Brookfield Properties Development


I’m a big believer in the community-building model that Cohere has perfected. Grounded in the full spirit of community and enriching people’s lives, this unique, collaborative approach was key in distinguishing and growing the value of communities developed by DMB Associates during my tenure there.

Charley Freericks

Catellus Development Corp.