Mulberry Farms


There’s a new concept in the rental market that puts community life at the forefront. They’re homes in thoughtfully planned neighborhoods designed for those who want long-term living sans the mortgage and maintenance. Think millennials who want more flexibility and empty nesters who want more freedom.

The Great Street Company is the innovative developer launching this new rental model at Mulberry Farms, a 55+ single-family-home neighborhood in Prescott Valley, Ariz. It’s less like a rental property and more like a mini master-planned community, with an anticipated 200 or so homes decorated by charming front porches and quaint backyards. It’s inspired Americana living with all the “Mayberry” feels.

Residents relocating to Mulberry Farms are choosing to rent as they enter a new season of life. They’re choosing to reframe, refresh, and still get to know their neighbors.

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“The typical operators of rental communities are focused on property management, not on delivering a robust community life experience,” says Todd. “So, The Great Street Company approached Cohere to help fulfill their vision of bringing residents to a place that has community life coupled with the convenience and benefits of a rental community.”

Our staff has not only crafted the programming framework for Mulberry Farms, but it’s also put the plans into play with an onsite community manager and a team of engagement ambassadors.

“We’re co-creating alongside the developer,” says Rhiannon Miett, Cohere client engagement manager. “And since their vision is new to the rental market, we’re able to give The Great Street Company a customized service that other property management companies are unable to do.”

Cohere is laying the foundation for distinct lifestyle experiences that reflect the developer’s brand promise and build a sense of place and engagement so residents not only want to stay, but also see the value of living in a premium rental community.

“We translate the creation and operation of a deeply engaged, cohesive place into real estate value for the developer,” says Todd. “If people are a part of something they’ll hang around, if they’re not, it’s easy to say goodbye.”

Engagement planning involves understanding the demographic and leaning into what they value, and we know the 55+ demo from our work with Victory at Verrado. It’s a discerning audience that appreciates communication early and often, and opportunities for input. And we’re tailoring events and activities to fit this active adult lifestyle, reignite their lifelong passions, and open the door for new ones.

We know community happens where people gather, so community amenities are prime spots to program.

The Great Barn at Mulberry Farms feels like the neighborhood living room where we’ll set the stage for game nights, birthday parties, book club chats, and happy hours at the Silo Bar.

The Great Lawn is a 10,000 square foot oasis of recreation in the center of the community where we’ll coordinate yoga sessions, outdoor movie nights, live bands, dancing under the stars, and new neighbor meet ups.

The Great Mile is the community’s mile-long trail system with exercise stations along the way. This is where we’ll cultivate community walking groups, bike tours, nature talks, and more.

Four-legged family members are celebrated at Mulberry Farms, so pet programming (with extra treats and water on hand) is a must.

With many veterans calling Mulberry Farms home, we know patriotic pride runs deep, so a Veterans Day celebration is in the works.

And we’re also planning a celebration of small-town living called “Mulberry Days” (a nod to the beloved TV show’s “Mayberry Days”) with pie baking contests, community cookouts, live music, and lawn games.

Our team goes all in on engaging residents early and often, and programming evolves along with the community. We strike up conversations with residents at events, we see who sticks around to help clean up, and who shows up again at the next shindig. These are the people who will likely help plan future activities, start a club or group, lead a philanthropic effort, coordinate welcome gifts for new neighbors, and rally other residents to get involved.

“At Cohere we create frameworks based on our experience and then we work with the local residents to bring them to life,” says Todd. “The best part is when residents start co-creating along with us—that’s where the magic happens.”

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Great places don’t happen by accident.  Great places are the result of a thoughtful vision that is cared for and nurtured as the community matures.  Based on a long history of design excellence and a deep understanding of how communities evolve, Cohere is committed to preserving and enhancing the built environment of the communities it manages with the objective that each community gets better with time.

JT Elbracht

Elbracht+Company, LLC


Rarely do you meet a collaborator who shares the dream and then turns it into a reality. The Cohere Team does just that. From the early discovery of “localness” of place to the universals of enlightened community management, the Cohere team listens, explores, questions, and creates.

Sandra Kulli

Kulli Marketing


Cohere has been a great partner in the management of our associations at McWhinney. While they are more than adept at traditional association management, the secret sauce lies in their unique ability to promote community engagement through creative events and programming.

Kyle Harris

Sr. Vice President Community Development
Baseline General Manager


When executed well, a strong sense of Community is a significant competitive advantage in the master planned community business.  But, when executed with thoughtful planning followed by intentional action, a sense of Community is the legacy of great development.

Brad Chelton

President, Texas
Land & Housing Development
Brookfield Properties Development


The Cohere team are master creators and connectors of people, places and everlasting memories that transform real estate to the forever fabric of our lives.

Denise Resnik

First Place AZ & DRA Collective


Cohere's unique approach to community building created a vibe and energy that attracted homebuyers and was well received by residents. They cemented Eastmark amongst the top best-selling and best-living communities in the nation. Given Cohere’s success with Eastmark, we have engaged at two of our new master planned communities to provide the community building. We really appreciate and value what Cohere brings to our projects.

Dea McDonald

President, Arizona
Land & Housing Development
Brookfield Properties Development


I’m a big believer in the community-building model that Cohere has perfected. Grounded in the full spirit of community and enriching people’s lives, this unique, collaborative approach was key in distinguishing and growing the value of communities developed by DMB Associates during my tenure there.

Charley Freericks

Catellus Development Corp.


Cohere’s innovative approach to engagement, connectivity and partnerships helped shape Eastmark’s unique culture and establish its roots. Now, 10 years later over 18,000 residents maintain this mindset and continue to grow our Legacy community. At Brookfield, we strive to create legacy master-planned communities where people lead richer, more connected & fulfilling lives that add value to the larger community. With Cohere’s partnership and expertise, we believe that this is exactly what we have achieved at Eastmark.

Eric Tune

Sr. Vice President
Land & Housing Development
Brookfield Properties Development