Cohere Announces 2021 Community Lifer of the Year: Rhiannon Miett

Smart, willing, passionate, funny, and loyal, plus mentor, leader, and guiding light – all of these words were used to describe this year’s CLOY recipient by their peers.  

Rhiannon Miett is a longtime cornerstone for the vision of Cohere and someone who truly walks the walk when it comes to believing in the power of community. Who knows? She might have even been born with the infamous orange sneakers on her feet. 

Rhiannon is thoughtful and aware of what’s happening across the company. So much so that during busy and hard times, she often reaches out to team members from differing departments and communities to share a funny meme or provide a pick-me-up when it’s needed. 

She’s always first to send an applause gif, kudos card, or encouraging words. She eagerly volunteers for company-wide initiatives and even signed up to assist with the execution of a first-time event in another community, traveling to CO to support our team during a busy time in her own community. 

Rhiannon spearheaded the organization of monthly meetings for her Community Engagement Managers across the company, leading with humor and wisdom, and creating a safe space for folks to open up and share. 

A true servant leader, she volunteers her time to countless causes outside of her work and manages to go above and beyond for the residents of Verrado. She isn’t afraid to challenge the status quo, all while still holding in high regard, the power and importance of preserving tried and true traditions. 

A true testament to her leadership, four of her former part-time ambassadors are now in full-time positions with our team thanks to how much she invests in her colleagues and their growth. Plus, she’s pretty good at fundraising too, helping the Verrado community to secure $100,000 in donations to various non-profits in 2021.  

A person who looks out for their team and the community and world around them is the kind of person that deserves to be recognized. We are thrilled to honor Rhiannon Miett as Cohere’s 2022 CLOY.