Cohere Announces 2022 Community Lifers of the Year (CLOY)

CLOY honors our people who embody The Cohere Way – values based, grounded in our proven Community Life Model, and passionate about the life-changing power of community.

Jesse St. Clair

A selfless leader with an insane work ethic, Jesse St. Clair leads by example – there is no task too small for this trusted, genuine, big-hearted human being.  A team player extraordinaire, he is reliable, kind, wicked smart, proud, responsive, and always smiling. He knows his business and the specifics of landscape and maintenance at Verrado inside and out, impressing everyone with his prompt, accurate, and informed responses. Always professional, Jesse leads by example, working in partnership across disciplines, anticipating needs, stepping up and in, and calmly and quietly delivering. Specifically in 2022 he served as the Gorilla Glue and Cohere super hero – single-handedly putting together a complex VCA budget in less than two weeks and doing his job plus gap-filling for several others and never dropping a proverbial plate 

“Jesse has long been a pillar of strength in Verrado. 2022 was likely the most challenging for him and the onsite team. He carried himself with professionalism and grace through all the ups and downs…and he did it with a smile.”  

Rebecca Rounds

She lives from a place of joy; you can feel the passion she has for what she does and who she does it with. Rebecca Rounds is dependable, kind, flexible, responsive, positive, supportive, and fun. She is both a leader and team player, taking the care and feeding of others to a whole new level. She has special relationships with Kissing Tree’s fitness regulars and an incredible team who adores working with her. She is visionary, deep thinking, and intentional in her work. 

“Rebecca has your back. She gives her team a reason to go to work and she gives our residents a reason to show up at the gym.”  

Patsy Fawcett

Smart, responsive, supportive, and a solid sense of humor. Patsy Fawcett has built an incredible, high-functioning team that delivers results and enjoys the journey. She is both educator and leader. As our in-house VMS expert, Patsy has brought new opportunities to our team to improve our back-of-house operations. She carries a heavy load across our portfolio and she still makes time for residents, providing support about accounting processes. 

“When speaking with residents, Patsy spends the time to help them understand our approach and the reason behind the numbers. She is also willing to partner with residents to solve concerns.” 

JoAnne Bell

Thoughtful, thorough, attentive, creative, and strategic. A brand champion, JoAnne Bell has an “it’s all our jobs” approach and she always keeps our resident experience top-of-mind. In 2022, JoAnne helped Baseline improve their Design Guidelines and she found creative and fun ways to weave pollinator education into all facets of Honey Bee Day in Baseline.  Additionally, she crafted a one-stop-shop for Lakes at Centerra residents to easily access information about ongoing pool repairs. Always a team player, the Bell family is all-in when it comes to working community events to support our onsite teams. In fact, she and her ki kids worked every major event in CO in 2022.  

 “She is committed to our three-legged stool (equal parts operations, engagement and communications) and never says, ‘that’s not my job’, working behind-the-scenes to deliver on our mission and values.“ 

Jennifer McSweeney

Dependable and curious, Jen is honest, compassionate, and brave…she loves to learn and grow. She is passionate, thinking about our residents always, and she believes in the power and magic of community. A leader and team player, she has literally and figuratively lived our three-legged stool as a founding resident and volunteer leader in Marley Park, member of our onsite engagement team in Verrado, and today serving at the corporate level in support of brand communications across our portfolio. She is known for her calm and strategic approach that considers the immediate needs against the larger context. Likely one of the most knowledgeable in The Cohere Way, in 2022, she created a training guide to orient new communications hires in our unique and proven approach to storytelling; she also helped launch our Jasper community and brand.  

“Jen is truly an amazing woman who truly cares about our work. Her knowledge of the Cohere way is vast, her desire to create legacy in our communities is solid, and her commitment to our team is deep.”