Cohere announces 2023 Community Lifers of the Year (CLOY)

Annually, CLOY honors our standout people who lead with our values, lean into our collaborative approach and proven Community Life Model, and passionately bring the power of community to life.  

Lori Hiatt

Some may describe Lori as a community engagement person in disguise as an accounting specialist. She is playfully competitive, deeply loyal, and an overachiever; she is fun loving, professional, and highly motivated.

In 2023, she has gone beyond expectations by taking on extra work without hesitation. She has refined her skillsets and found ways to improve processes. She brings valued input to problem solving, offering solutions and support to the team. Her initiative to continue to take on complex and time-consuming projects is done so with energy and a positive attitude.

She is always willing to lend a helping hand and to provide guidance to those that look to her for assistance. Her hard work and dedication are a valued part of the Cohere team and her joyful spirit and positive outlook keeps the smiles and laughter in the accounting office flowing.

Lisa Bradley

Lisa Bradley is an agent of change. Following reorganization of the Colorado region, Lisa stepped into a leadership position that has been instrumental in building a successful, high-performing team. With an emphasis on creating proper balance between operations, communications and engagement, Lisa created alignment that enables her team to better meet expectations and deliver on contractual imperatives.

JoAnne Bell, Colorado communications manager said, “It may sound simple, but it was not. It takes a skilled leader to take a team through a 180 degree culture shift and Lisa did it with integrity, empathy, accountability, mentorship, vision, decisiveness and focus. And, she built trust and respect along the way.”

This culture shift empowered each team member in each discipline to do their part so that collectively and more effectively than ever they are delivering the life changing power of community to those they serve.

Aaron Serdar

Aaron Serdar is described as the epitome of a Community Lifer: a role model for his Jasper team, his residents and the greater Prescott Valley community. Aaron inspires those around him with his energy, enthusiasm and authentic way of being.

Aaron prioritizes inclusion and positivity. He makes it a point to build connection, rapport and positive relationships with staff, vendor partners and residents, so that everyone feels engaged and connected to the community. The sense of belonging he fosters in these exchanges motivates others to embrace a shared sense of responsibility in making Jasper a place that thrives.

Being the type of person who is able to build community is one skill, but Aaron’s uncanny ability to empower others to take part in that shared ownership is one of a kind.

Tylene St. Arnault

Since Tylene joined the team in 2019, she has developed a reputation for going above and beyond.  As the Engagement Manager for Delta Coves, Tylene leads the effort to bring the life changing power of community to residents through creative, purpose driven events and activities. She’s considerate of all our on-the-water neighbors and finds ways to connect with everyone.

Multi-talented, Tylene excels at operations, too, and frequently assists with design review, working closely with consultants and organizing application details. Tylene is a true team player who is willing to dive in wherever she is needed.

She has a great relationship with both Delta Coves and Bethel Island residents and business owners and encourages incoming residents to visit local “hot” spots and build a broader sense of community. Delta Coves would be lost without her!