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Nurturing the natural leaders and encouraging those on the sidelines to become active stewards of their community creates meaning and improves quality of life.



Impactful service opportunities create strong bonds between neighbors and purpose in community.



Our approach to governance is from an inspired mind-set.


Victory at Verrado

The depth and breadth of our communications platforms is intimately tied to our effectiveness in governance, operations, and engagement.

Planning & Design


Magic happens when communities are designed with the resident experience in mind. Placemaking with a purpose builds lasting value and enriches lives. 

Community Relations


Two community-building visionaries, Kretzmann and McKnight, introduced the concept of Asset Based Community Development back in the 1980s. It’s the idea that community development should be built from the inside out, and that starts by mapping the people, places, and programs that have been long rooted in the place. 

At Cohere, we follow this same asset mapping methodology. 

Community Relations


As the physical foundations are laid for a new community, local residents may have concerns about changes to the place they call home. It takes relationship building and authentic information sharing to lay a foundation of trust and respect between the developer and existing community members.


Blossom Rock

Collective experiences are the cornerstone of community. Cohere excels at creating signature celebrations that bring community together to honor the community brand promise.

Let's Partner to bring the life-changing power of community to the world.