Cohere Origins: Honoring Our Real Estate Roots

All great communities are defined by their extraordinary settings – distinct neighborhoods that complement the natural and cultural beauty of the land – and by the people who live in and care for these special places.

In Cohere communities, we know that our success in creating sustainable, legacy communities is achieved by cultivating an environment that looks spectacular and that lives well, growing value over time.

Our real estate roots

We have deep and proud roots in real estate development that began in 1997 as part of DMB Associates, a legacy developer known for creating signature communities and commercial properties.

With the launch of DC Ranch in Scottsdale, Arizona, DMB took a unique approach that put as much emphasis on people as on place. The idea of Community Life was born, serving as a foundational pillar in DMB’s success.

Operating initially as an internal community management department, our team pioneered the concepts and perfected the practices that led to the development of our Community Life ModelTM, a proprietary framework for connecting and engaging stakeholders.

Then in 2016, we transitioned to a wholly owned subsidiary of DMB, and later in 2018 we began operations as a separate company focused exclusively on community design consultation and operational management as DMB Community Life.

Today, we deliver on our long-standing mission as Cohere, expanding our portfolio and impact beyond the DMB family.

The Life-Changing Power of Community

At Cohere, we are on a mission to create places and cultivate relationships that inspire people to find purpose, live authentically, and thrive together.

This doesn’t happen by accident.

We firmly believe that when communities are built and cared for with the experience of its residents in mind, trust expands, happiness increases, and lives are made better.

We know that we are better together. Our business focuses on creating lasting, mutually beneficial partnerships with our residents and community stakeholders.

We are proud of our proven track record of creating extraordinary communities that enrich people’s lives, are rewarded in the market, and positively impact the larger community of which they are a part.

We work to ensure that each Cohere community is driven by its own unique vision, embracing the artistry of great planning and design and the needs and experiences of its residents to bring its vision to life.

We are proud of our roots in real estate development. We are equally proud of our new identity reflective of who we have become and where we are headed.