Meet Our People: Al Semmler

In that time, he’s handled all our financial buckets including, managing invoices, prepping financial statements, supporting the design and development of our accounting systems, billing, tracking, and more.

More than just a money man – when he’s not working, you can find Al golfing with his sons, working on a race car, gardening, fishing or watching TV.

He also serves in a number of volunteer roles and is the current acting Vice President and Board Member of Native American Youth and Adult Ministries, President and Board Member of Womenkind Ministries, and he has taught personal budget, financial planning, tax classes and counseling services.

Contrary to popular belief about those in the accounting field, Al says that he’s not in fact a “bean counting” person. Rather he has learned through the years that the details are important. Much like building a house, he says perfecting the foundation is imperative before starting on the walls. “Skipping steps leads to faults that eventually cause the building to collapse,” he says, “I got tired of cleaning up the debris and starting again. So, I got into the foundation building work of accounting.”

When asked what community means to him, Al says it’s all about dealing with the messy bits of life in relation to people who are tied together by location, purpose and commitment. He believes a person’s reach should exceed his or her grasp – that there is more to life than just eating, drinking, sleeping or working.

In sum, community matters. We couldn’t agree more.