Our unique community-building model focuses on three essential elements:

Placemaking. Community happens where people gather. We influence program and design decisions, and we expertly care for community landscapes and amenities to create intentional connections and better experiences.

Shared Responsibility. True community is made by the people who live there. We work in collaboration with residents and stakeholders to help them cultivate a place that looks and lives well, and that is built to last and hold value.

Authentic Relationships. Strong social bonds are integral to community. We orchestrate opportunities and experiences for strong ties to form and deepen, expanding trust and improving well-being.

Our Approach

What sets us apart



We are an innovative market leader providing community association management and developer services with an emphasis on intention and connection. We place equal emphasis on people and place, physical and social, operations and engagement.

Shared Responsibility


We know that an authentic community is a reflection of the people who live there. Together, with our residents and stakeholders, we work in partnership to cultivate an enriched and purposeful community that grows in value over time.



We have deep and proud roots in real estate development that began as part of DMB Associates. Over the years, we pioneered the concepts and perfected the practices of our Community Life ModelTM, creating special places where people lead more fulfilling lives.

Our track record

We have a proven track record of creating extraordinary communities that enrich people’s lives, are rewarded in the market, and positively impact the larger community of which they are a part.


of our residents report willingness to refer future home buyers.


of our residents report high satisfaction with our community management services.


of our residents report satisfaction with our customer care team.

Our Community Building Model

  • Compelling Vision

    The Founder creates a compelling vision for the community and residents are drawn to that vision.

  • Clarity of Purpose

    Once residents move in, they gain clarity and support the ideals on which the community is built.

  • Participation

    Residents participate in events, join clubs, volunteer and increase the time they invest in community activities.

  • Engagement

    Residents move into positions of leadership, and understand their role in sustaining their exceptional quality of life.


Studio & developer services

  • Vision
  • Planning
  • Design
  • Branding
  • Grand Opening


Operations, engagement, communications

  • First Residents
  • Culture & Traditions
  • New Phases
  • Developer Control
  • Growth


Community association management

  • Maturity
  • Refresh Vision
  • Resident Leadership
  • Legacy
  • Sustain

Consulting & Management Services

Community Communications

  • Community Brand Management
  • Social Media Strategy & Delivery
  • Targeted Stakeholder Communications Strategy & Delivery
  • Developer Communications Facilitation
  • Marketing Team Collaboration
  • Website & Eblast Design, Development & Maintenance
  • Collateral Design & Production Oversight
  • PR/Crisis Communications Management
  • Educational Campaign Development & Delivery
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of residents satisfied/highly satisfied with our communications programs

Community Engagement

  • Program Development & Implementation
  • Leadership Strategy Development
  • Signature Event Creation & Delivery
  • Strategic Community Partnership Oversight
  • Philanthropic Strategy Development
  • Volunteer Training & Management
  • Marketing Team Collaboration
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of residents satisfied/highly satisfied with our events and programs

Community Operations

  • Annual Life Cycle Planning, Forecasting, Budgeting & Oversight
  • Sustainability Asset Strategy Implementation
  • Operations Management
  • Assets & Capital Projects Management
  • Policy & Procedure Creation & Systemization
  • Governance Transition & Developer Turnover Oversight
  • Legal & Risk Management
  • Financial Reporting & Management
  • Critical Records Management
  • Development Team Collaboration
  • Project Planning & Design Collaboration
  • Governance Documents & Processes Oversight
  • Board Member Onboarding & Training
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of residents satisfied/highly satisfied with community landscape and amenities operations

Developer Consulting

  • Informing Community Vision & Planning
  • Establishing Inspired Governance Structure
  • Modeling Project Lifecycle Financials
  • Preparing Budgets & Assessment Schedules
  • Influencing Amenity Planning & Design
  • Mapping Community Assets
  • Creating Community Engagement Program Strategy
  • Creating Signature Events
  • Developing Resident Welcome Programs
  • Collaborating with Marketing Teams
  • Developing Strategic Communication Plans
  • Designing & Developing Resident Websites
  • Delivering Social Media Strategy
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of residents report high satisfaction with Community Life

I’m a big believer in the community-building model that Cohere has perfected. Grounded in the full spirit of community and enriching people’s lives, this unique, collaborative approach was key in distinguishing and growing the value of communities developed by DMB Associates during my tenure there.

Charley Freericks

Catellus Development Corp.


Rarely do you meet a collaborator who shares the dream and then turns it into a reality. The Cohere Team does just that. From the early discovery of “localness” of place to the universals of enlightened community management, the Cohere team listens, explores, questions, and creates.

Sandra Kulli

Kulli Marketing


Cohere’s innovative approach to engagement, connectivity and partnerships helped shape Eastmark’s unique culture and establish its roots. Now, 10 years later over 18,000 residents maintain this mindset and continue to grow our Legacy community. At Brookfield, we strive to create legacy master-planned communities where people lead richer, more connected & fulfilling lives that add value to the larger community. With Cohere’s partnership and expertise, we believe that this is exactly what we have achieved at Eastmark.

Eric Tune

Sr. Vice President
Land & Housing Development
Brookfield Properties Development


Cohere has been a great partner in the management of our associations at McWhinney. While they are more than adept at traditional association management, the secret sauce lies in their unique ability to promote community engagement through creative events and programming.

Kyle Harris

Sr. Vice President Community Development
Baseline General Manager


Great places don’t happen by accident.  Great places are the result of a thoughtful vision that is cared for and nurtured as the community matures.  Based on a long history of design excellence and a deep understanding of how communities evolve, Cohere is committed to preserving and enhancing the built environment of the communities it manages with the objective that each community gets better with time.

JT Elbracht

Elbracht+Company, LLC


When executed well, a strong sense of Community is a significant competitive advantage in the master planned community business.  But, when executed with thoughtful planning followed by intentional action, a sense of Community is the legacy of great development.

Brad Chelton

President, Texas
Land & Housing Development
Brookfield Properties Development


The Cohere team are master creators and connectors of people, places and everlasting memories that transform real estate to the forever fabric of our lives.

Denise Resnik

First Place AZ & DRA Collective


Cohere's unique approach to community building created a vibe and energy that attracted homebuyers and was well received by residents. They cemented Eastmark amongst the top best-selling and best-living communities in the nation. Given Cohere’s success with Eastmark, we have engaged at two of our new master planned communities to provide the community building. We really appreciate and value what Cohere brings to our projects.

Dea McDonald

President, Arizona
Land & Housing Development
Brookfield Properties Development

Let's Partner to bring the life-changing power of community to the world.