Remembering Our Roots

Last month I fulfilled a lifelong dream of traveling to Paris. The trip was years in the making – planned then cancelled and replanned due to interruptions by CoVid and life in general. Until I saw the Eiffel Tower through the airplane window, I was skeptical that we would ever get there. I squealed like a five year old then turned to my husband to clink champagne glasses. It was a surreal moment.

Over the six days that followed I walked around the city in awe, mouth open at the art, architecture and beauty on every corner. I felt a world away and by most definitions I was. I remember wondering what my mother would have thought. She seldom strayed from our small south Georgia hometown and here I was a continent away. Even from that great distance I could not forget my roots.

Our roots anchor us to our essence. They ground us – quite literally – and provide the stability that allows us to flourish. In business, our roots remind us why we do what we do. My friend and best-selling author Pamela Slim describes roots as “the deep, enduring connection you have to why your work has meaning in the world, and why you are the person to do it.”

Cohere’s roots in real estate development and community building provide the solid ground that has allowed us to reach new heights, to bring new meaning, purpose and passion to an industry that needs it. This moment is the perfect time for us to prove our value and show the world what we can do.

Let’s thrive together.