Team Building: One Taco at a Time

Well, one of the perils of working in the community building business is that we’re often so focused on facilitating connections on behalf of the communities we serve, we forget to take the time to build relationships among ourselves. Before you know it, we’re at our year-end celebrations realizing it’s been “like forever” since we’ve shared a conversation and a laugh with our colleagues.

This year our team is taking a page out of our own play book to slow down for a few moments each season and connect with one another. Always up for a good potluck, we recently gathered to enjoy one of our favorite foods: TACOS!

Our on-the -ground Eastmark team hosted our West Valley team members, and also our community development and landscape partners, and communications consultants. Heck, even Al from accounting took a break from his computer screen for some in-person face time.

After we filled our plates with delicious taco fixings that could give Chipotle a run for its money, we gathered around a long, family-style table outside. At that moment, names only recognized in email inboxes finally had a face to match.

A solid hour passed as we exchanged stories and personal updates. It was time well spent that left both our bellies and hearts filled.